Award of Excellence – Aure de Lola (Czech Republic)

Title: Aure de Lola
Runtime: 20 min
Country: Czech Republic
Director: Gregor Hvastja
Placement: Award of Excellence + Best Director (Gregor Hvastja)
Competition: March, 2022

Synopsis: Seemingly shy and solitary young man Adam works as a hair stylist assistant in a professional hair salon. Besides sweeping and regular cleaning, his main tasks also include preparing clients for treatments by giving them scalp massages and shampooing their hair. Though this might seem as a second-grade duty, it fulfils and thrills him. Adam is modest, with no ambitions or any other hobbies whatsoever. He lives in a small apartment with his cat. But when he is at work, he feels genuinely happy and content. There he gets to regularly meet the beautiful hairdresser Lola, who has become an object of his affection and hidden desires. Lola is attracted to Adam particularly because of his shyness. She has wanted to get to know him better for a while now. It is obvious that the two are attracted to each other and it is only a matter of time when one of them will make the first move.

But, what’s lurking behind Adam’s insecurity? And does this unusual job have some deeper, hidden meaning for him?

Have you ever wondered… How fragile the human mind really is?