Award of Excellence – Gone The Days (Official Music Video) (Australia)

Title: Gone The Days (Official Music Video) 
Runtime: 4 min
Country: Australia
Director: Colin Jeffs
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: March, 2021

Synopsis: ‘Gone The Days’ is a romantic love story conveyed by Harper (Golden Retriever), & Bandit (Border Collie). Harper, left alone once again at the train-stop, patiently waits for Bandit at home. Whilst reminiscing on happy memories, she makes the decision to undertake the long journey to find him. Packing her little bindle, Harper begins hitching rides with strangers & running through lakes & fields until she finally tracks him down at the train yard. Bandit, not noticing Harpers arrival, begins setting off on his journey, leaving Harper to desperately chase down the train. Leaping into the back carriage at the last moment Harper runs up to Bandit, reuniting with him once more as they begin their next journey together.