Award of Excellence – “Herringbone” (USA)

Title: Herringbone
Runtime: 10 min
Country: USA
Director: Gene du Plessis
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: March 31, 2019

Synopsis: Mina, a young woman, seemingly trafficked, discovers the shocking truth as she is enslaved along with several other women in a compound facility where they are subjugated to torture and abuse. In her struggle to survive her dire circumstances Mina forms a special bond and friendship with Rhonda, a demented woman in the neighboring cell who, even while knowing their awaited fate, shields and supports Mina throughout her ordeal. Mina faces her darkest hour when Rhonda and her newborn child are both violently taken from her- revealing humanity’s indifference to this unspeakable cruelty. Will Mina’s pleas be enough to finally make us stop these heinous acts?