Award of Excellence – “John At Patmos: An Allegory” (USA)

Title: John At Patmos: An Allegory
Runtime: 35 min
Country: USA
Director: Chris Weatherhead + Trevor D. Erickson
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: March, 2023

Synopsis: In “John At Patmos: An Allegory,” John is incarcerated by Romans on the Greek Island of Patmos and fed by a slave woman. He’s the last living Apostle and asks God to let him die. Angels appear, and the 

Apostle Paul visits from Paradise. Visions appear to John of the final battle between good and evil. During weeks of writing, John suffers an attack from his Roman Guard. When “Revelations” is completed, another visitor arrives and John mysteriously disappears. The slave receives a message from the Holy Spirit to take the scrolls of John’s writings to her village of Ephesus.

Winner of four international film awards (Accolade Global Film Competition 2023) and is a Special Selection for the International Christian Film & Music Festival in Orlando, Florida, 2023.  Earned Family Seal of Approval from from DOVE.Org for age 12+