Award of Excellence – The Superiore of Prosecco in Venice (Italy)

Title: The Superiore of Prosecco in Venice
Runtime: 2 min
Country: Italy
Director: Carlo Guttadauro
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: September, 2021

Synopsis: Venice is Gianluca Bisol’s dreams made real, a city in which, as Brodskij keenly grasped, the body becomes the vehicle of the eye, dragged into infinte visions that change at every corner. Venice is an invitation to forget the self and to pursue beauty, inspiration, lightness.

Like the BISOL superior prosecco. Our subject is Marie. Marie is the incarnation of Venice, as delicate and translucent as the light of the lagoon.

Marie wanders, rows, paints, reappears. She is timeless like any eternal beauty. She knows the secret corners of Venice and guards them, because she knows Venice must be preserved. She paints in a garden, drawing inspiration from BISOL superior prosecco. Drinks. Believes. Loves. When she paints, she throws her inspirations upon the canvas as the impressionists did. In this magical moment, Gianluca sees it materialize. In front of a blue canvas with golden yellow splashes. Only the brush can put to canvas what the oar cannot capture. Bisol’s very fine bubbles mark the encounter with beauty. The vertical rise in the glass, reach the nose, caress the tongue. Ecstasy. It is in the finale, upon the saltmarsh, that Venice speaks to us as in a mirror: she speaks to us with a gondola oar, a superior Prosecco Magnun and a cape. And the music of Saint-Saëns, because beauty endures.