Award of Excellence – “The Tell Tale Heart” (USA)

Title: The Tell Tale Heart
Runtime: 22 min
Country: USA
Director: McClain Lindquist
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: March, 2023

Synopsis: Adapted from Edgar Allan Poe’s original text, this psychological thriller has been reimagined in this mind-bending, pulse-pounding, bloody-disgusting short film.

In “The Tell Tale Heart,” directed by McClain Lindquist, the Narrator (Sonny Grimsley) descends into madness as he is haunted by the “evil eye” of the Old Man (James C. Morris). The Narrator murders the Old Man in his bed and hides his body under the floorboards. The Narrator’s frail mind begins to unravel when Detective Tucker (Teren Turner) and Officer Sharpe (Mikah Olsen) come to inquire about the Old Man’s whereabouts.