Award of Merit – “Graceless” (USA)

Title: Graceless
Runtime: 14 min
Country: USA
Director: Marvin Van Buren
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: March 31, 2020

Synopsis: Blair reveals a secret to Zach–will their engagement survive the evening?

This is a universal story of love, heartbreak, and disloyalty. Graceless is raises questions of loyalty in love relationships. 

While in production and since wrapping this project, we’ve continued to hear stories from friends and people close to us about the dissolution of an engagement and the pain and ultimate growth that comes with such a sad chapter. We’ve heard multiple accounts of people whose stories are very close to that of the main characters in our film, Blair & Zach. We hope this story and film touches people and we are excited to engage the audience in a thoughtful dialogue about this impassioned topic.