Award of Merit – “Help Is on the Way” (USA)

Title: Help Is on the Way
Runtime: 20 min
Country: USA
Director: Dr. Empress Rose Green
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2023

Synopsis: Music video from the FOR YOUR GRAMMY CONSIDERATION Best Spoken Word album. The production showcases acoustic-style recordings and is an extension of MY already-released “Behind Closed Doors” autobiographical Chapbook and Audiobook.

Help Is on the Way documents my High School days of being assaulted whilst walking to school in St. Mary, Jamaica. The poetic production is a Free Verse that presented an opportunity for me to tap into my creative writing skills and to highlight various eventful experiences during my adolescent years.

The storyline covers my daily 15 mile “barefoot” walk that commenced Monday through Friday at 6am, to Marymount High School. About an hour into walking, I started running to school at 7am after being dragged in a nearby woods and experiencing an attempted assault. Becoming very frightened, scared and afraid I ran all the way to school.

The conclusion showcases my ability to exercise self discipline whilst being homeschooled (self-taught), due to the circumstances. I would only attend school during my exams to eliminate passing that zone. After a year, and of being the top student in my History class, the Principal of my High School learnt of the assault experience. She decided to fund my accommodations to reside in close proximity, to eliminate the dangers of walking to school. It was a definitive period of an excruciating experience that further propelled my sporting career to becoming an elite track & field athlete.