Award of Merit – Humanity Key (Italy)

Title: Humanity Key
Runtime: 20 min
Country: Italy
Director: Ettore Pasculli
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2021

Synopsis: In a metropolis of a probable future, thoughts and memories are recorded and deposited in the general archive kept under strict control by an elusive “collective” entity. On the evening at the end of the year, at the stroke of midnight, a man throws himself from the roof of a skyscraper after having extracted his R.IM (remember identity number). Dante witnesses the scene upset and decides to illegally connect to the memory of the suicide. From there begins his journey into “memory” where Beatrice guides him among the four great misfortunes that afflict humanity: man goes through the wisdom of as many “speeches to humanity” by great leaders of the past and the pains of the damned up , in the end, to “see the stars again”.