Award of Merit – “Just Coffee” (USA)

Title: Just Coffee
Runtime: 5 min
Country: USA
Director: Natalia Jezova
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2023

Synopsis: The short film with so trivial title touches important themes of our life as conflicts, relationships, feelings and communication.

I deployed strategies such as metaphor and symbolism to ruminate on how our mind remains divided between memory and the present, between reality and dreams. Metaphorical language creates a deeper meaning and makes an impression on a subliminal level. It evokes the viewer’s emotional response and awakens their intellectual engagement with the film. Symbolic details allow the spectator to perceive a new dimension of the subject and read the messages that I aimed to embed in the film.    

The sound in the film serves as an editing framework, which shapes the mental transitions between the sequences of the story.