Award of Merit – Korrinty (Tunisia)

Title: Korrinty
Runtime: 23 min
Country: Tunisia
Director: Aziz Chennaoui
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2021

Synopsis: Mahdi,30-years-old unemployed junkie accidentally kills his girlfriend.Big brother’s right-hand man arrives at Mahdi’s to get rid of the body.He gives him a gun and the keys to his house.On his way,Mahdi challenged by 2 polices,they start searching the bag until the gun falls,Mahdi picks up his weapon and runs away.He notices a garage, once in the garage, he hears a thud. He turns around holding his pistol behind his back and sees, standing tall from the back, a tall man in a dark suit. The latter is armed and holds another man at gunpoint. The latter seems to have his hands tied up behind his back and is sitting in a chair. At this time, the life of Mahdi will never be the same.