Award of Merit – Man on the Tower (USA)

Title: Man on the Tower
Runtime: 11 min
Country: USA
Director: Karl Shefelman
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2020

Synopsis: It’s August 1, 1966 and brothers Will (10) and Eddie (7) are in their back yard “shooting” at each other with toy guns when their friend Julie (10) runs in clutching a small radio, yelling “there’s a man on the tower shooting!” From the edge of the yard they see puffs of smoke on the U.T. tower as the radio blares. Will insists he must save Dad, a professor on campus, ordering Eddie to stay behind, but Julie tags along. Trekking through the woods, they are startled by Eddie who has followed, demanding to go with them. Back at home, Mom discovers they are missing. As the kids trudge on Eddie falls and injures his elbow. Fearing the sniper can see them, they run for cover. Just as Will is ready to give up, they are confronted by a huge surprise.