Award of Merit – Mirror (France)

Title: Mirror
Runtime: 25 min
Country: USA
Director: Pierre Reynard
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2020

Synopsis: “At the end of every street, there’s a mountain” the Stendhal’s phrase is well known and every resident of the large region of Grenoble experiences it on a daily basis… City, mountain – this relationship shapes the region far beyond its landscape. Through scientific observation, tourism and sporting activities, through the very living conditions of these spaces, we go beyond the limits that a first interpretation could give us, meaning partitioned, independent or even opposing spaces.

In addition, the issues raised by the dialogues of these two distinct geographical entities lead us to question the place of the human being in his environment and, therefore, question the primordial role of a social imaginary, witness of our relationship to the world. The observation of this territory not only then takes on a universal dimension but it also allows each person to look into a Mirror, revealing the reflection of our society.