Award of Merit – “The Common Good” (Australia)

Title: The Common Good
Runtime: 17 min
Country: Australia
Director: Stefan Gutternigh, Eva Amann 
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2023

Synopsis: In 2035 the earth is ruled by a world government called “The Global Organisation for the Common Good”. The “GOCG” wants to make everybody happy by monitoring the desires of its citizens with social media, omnipresent cameras, surveillance drones and – for those who can afford them – body implants. We join “GOCG” agent Cindy Karuso as she is visiting Mr. Berger, who has not spent his designated quota for lifestyle and entertainment products for the past months. Will she manage to complete her task for the mother-state and the father-corporation by taking care of Mr. Berger? And will Mr. Berger have something to say within the process?