Award of Merit – “The Feeling Part” (USA)

Title: The Feeling Part
Runtime: 22 min
Country: USA
Director: Jesse Anholt
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: March, 2024

Synopsis: The Feeling Part is a magically real urban love story that juxtaposes the stigma of depression against the sweet melancholy of Christmas. A glimpse into the effect of suicide on survivors and the inherited sadness and guilt that comes along with it. A wild ride through loss, love and the space in between – the feeling part of life.

Liv and Zed are recovering addicts, clean for a year. It’s Christmas, the anniversary of her mother’s suicide and Liv is at a crossroads. She buys heroin and hides it from Zed, as he tries desperately to get her to face her feelings. A nightmarish Nutcracker in her mind tries to push her over the edge. Zed finds the heroin – and Liv must find just what it is that makes her want to keep living.