Award of Merit – The PRATT in the HAT (USA)

Title: The PRATT in the HAT
Runtime: 15 min
Country: USA
Director: Susan Hillary
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: September, 2021

Synopsis: THE PRATT IN THE HAT is a short film about Frances Pratt, her 100+ hats, her prattisms, and her civil rights leadership for voting rights began in 1957 and continues till today. THE PRATT IN THE HAT is a celebration of Dr. Pratt’s unique wisdom which she gained through grace, authenticity, and perseverance. 

Beneath her stunning, large-brimmed bonnets Frances’ southern charm, wisdom,, pithy expressions, and personal insights in the racial equality are relevant now, more than ever.

Susan Hillary (aka Susan Hillary Shapiro) was inspired to create this short when she spotted Frances across the room at a crowded political event. Pratt was adorned in one of her striking hats, and was a beacon of color in a sea of grey. This is Susan’s first film after a 20 year hiatus.