Best Animated Short – “Due battiti” (Italy)

Title: Due battiti
Runtime: 19 min
Country: Italy
Director: Marino Guarnieri
Placement: Best Animated Short
Competition: March, 2024


Matilde is an artist who lives in the heart of contemporary Naples.

She narrates daily life in her city through her canvases. She has a passion for spirituality and is in contact with her imagination which she expresses in the many tattoos she has.

When her great love comes to an end, she experiences a period when she cannot find the inspiration to paint, but then surreal dreams begin that merge with reality in a magical and colorful world.

All her knowledge seems to dance in a whirlwind of present, past, and moments never experienced. Just as she begins to suspect that those dreams might belong to someone else, she discovers that she is pregnant.

Here creation takes on a different meaning and the intimate dialogue with a new life begins. Knowledge and the unknown mingle, giving rise to new visual imagery in which Matilde is able to travel at will, painting the dreamy visions along with the new life she carries inside of her, and from which she draws strength and inspiration.