Best Cinematography, Mayedurimi Larotonda – “The Pill” (USA)

Title: The Pill
Runtime: 15 min
Country: USA
Director: Mayedurimi Larotonda
Placement: Award of Excellence + Best Cinematography (Mayedurimi Larotonda)
Competition: March, 2024

Synopsis: In a dystopian world where a ruthless magnate seeks to create a pill to reduce the population and preserve only the “perfect species” of humans, the magnate’s laboratory kidnaps marginalized individuals from society to conduct genetic experiments. After numerous attempts using pandemics, wars, and famines to control the population without success, they finally achieve a crucial scientific breakthrough thanks to a new pill.

Despite the genetic alterations that occur in the test subjects, instead of weakening them, it transforms them into superior beings: incredibly intelligent, strong, and skilled, turning them into superhumans. While the magnate celebrates his success and prepares to release the pill to the world, an ethical dilemma begins to emerge among the scientists and laboratory personnel, questioning the true motives behind this experiment and the human cost being paid for the pursuit of genetic perfection.

With the clock ticking and humanity on the brink of irreversible transformation, the protagonists must decide whether to reveal the truth behind the pill and stop its distribution before it’s too late, or succumb to the magnate’s power and his distorted vision of a “perfect” world.