Best Editing – Katerina Philippou-Curtis – Fire Ants (UK)

Title: Fire Ants
Runtime: 30 min
Country: UK
Director: Katerina Philippou-Curtis
Placement: Award of Excellence + Best Editing (Katerina Philippou-Curtis)
Competition: September, 2021

Synopsis: Fire Ants’ takes place in a dystopian near future (2023) where Covid mutation 7 has resulted in Martial Law and compulsory segregation by genetic immunity, forcing families apart. The film centres on one particular family where the mother suffers from catatonic depression and is being looked after by her two boys, who are also part of a secret international network of young Fire Ants planning coordinated ‘attacks’ on major cities round the world as a protest. When his older brother is suddenly taken away by police, Rafi, 12, is faced with the grim realisation of the pressure and danger everyone is under, but also how fragile his relationship with his mother is.