Best Editing – Yvette Torell – MOM’s: More Than An Organic Market (USA)

Title: MOM’s: More Than An Organic Market
Runtime: 44 min
Country: USA
Director: Dorlisa Hommel
Placement: Award of Excellence + Best Editing (Yvette Torell)
Competition: March, 2021

Synopsis: Can one quiet introvert influence thousands to take up the cause of caring for the environment? The film MOM’s: More Than An Organic Market answers that question with a resounding Yes! Scott Nash is doing just that through MOM’S Organic Market, which he established in 1986. Scott is getting his customers to not only think differently about the environment but, more importantly, to take action to address the urgent need to protect our planet’s resources and it’s inhabitants. His effectiveness is evident by the growing number of MOM’s stores, now at 19. As CEO of MOM’s Organic Market, Scott Nash is revolutionizing the organic grocery industry by upholding a higher standard for the products they sell, such as no genetically modified foods, offering little known recycling options beyond paper, cans, and plastic, and holding ongoing environmental campaigns throughout each year, promoting such things as composting and organic lawn care. He brings awareness and is continually growing in his own efforts to provide a platform for his customers to actively learn and participate in protecting our earth’s fragile ecosystem.