Honorable Mention – Before Sunrise (USA)

Title: Before Sunrise
Runtime: 12 min
Country: USA
Director: Julia L. Rosengren /Rogerio Takashi, HELENA Riul , Paul Davis / script adviser
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: September, 2020

Synopsis: Created by Julia L. Rosengren.

During the self-isolation brought about by a global pandemic, one woman reaches out across the world to her dearest friends to share a message of love and joy showing that distance doesn’t have to mean separation.

Before Sunrise is a ground-breaking short film; a true product of the social effects on creative life in the time of Covid 19.

Shot on a single I-phone in one location in the United States and directed remotely from Brazil by ROGERIO TAKASHI and writer HELENA RIUL, the film showcases Julia L. Rosengren as Sofia, Maria, Selena, Charlotte and herself as she plays all five parts in the story.

Filmed in Lake Palestine, East Texas, where the most beautiful sunrises inspire both imagination and a pronounced gratitude for life, Before Sunrise is a positive message for these dark moments when too many of us are separated from our family and our dearest friends. The film gives us hope and reminds us not to lose faith in the love that defines us all.