Honorable Mention – “Chains” (Australia)

Title: Chains
Runtime: 2 min
Country: Australia
Director: Tim Marshall, Suzie Hinds
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: March 31, 2020

Synopsis: In the 1850’s transportation to the unforgiving Van Diemen’s Land, far from civilization, was coming to an end. Convicted as a convict and sentenced to the Cascade Women’s factory, Ann with her close friend Bridget, find out first hand how harsh Hobart Town really is. 

When Ann’s baby dies of Diphtheria, her feeling are uncertain, did she love her child or not. Only her friend Bridget, can help her to understand what this place and time can do to a person’s soul. 

Through this friendship Ann finds comfort to confront her fears and feel her grief. 

Blood, sweat and Chains shape one’s character, until the chains are broken. But will these chains ever be broken on the island of Tasmania.