Honorable Mention – Fred Crisman Vol. 1: Cave of the Space Nazis (USA)

Title: Fred Crisman Vol. 1: Cave of the Space Nazis
Runtime: 15 min
Country: USA
Director: Bryan Shickley
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: September, 2022

Synopsis: Watch out, fans of truth! Pacific northwest legend Fred Crisman is a man known for being at Dealey Plaza, losing important UFO debris as well as surviving a fantastic battle with subterranean cave-dwelling nazi-esque beings known as the Deros. 

He would submit these stories to anybody who would listen, and they got more and more unbelievable with time, now it’s our opportunity  to take everything he laid out and construct in as accurate a tale as possible! 

Featuring the great Pat Cashman as Fred Lee Crisman, Brock Baker as his adversary Richard Shaver, as well as Crisman’s actual grandson to introduce the adventure.