Honorable Mention – Imagine a World (Australia)

Title: Imagine a World
Runtime: 5 min
Country: Australia
Director: Alex Nesic
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: March, 2022

Synopsis: A young Lady’s tranquil midnight run is disturbed by a stranger. The Lady, who is unassuming and trusting, accepts the Man’s company. As they chat, the Man leads her to a desolate alley and disappears. Just as things begin to seem dire, he reappears from a shed, innocently displaying a piece of artwork he made. The Lady then realises she forgot her keys, the Man offers to help her break into her home. True to his word, he lockpicks the door for her. Now he’s in her house, and for an agonising moment, it is unclear what will transpire next. Of course, the Man politely bids her a good night and leaves. The Lady takes a moment to soak in the peaceful night – where nothing bad ever happens – and closes her door.