Honorable Mention – Missy Jubilee has a Happy Hole (Australia)

Title: Missy Jubilee has a Happy Hole
Runtime: 19 min
Country: Australia
Director: Missy Jubilee
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: March, 2021

Synopsis: A look at the latest social phenomenon – admitting to masturbation in front of a member of the opposite sex. Originally popularized by the controversy around Louis CK, this film takes a look at the different standards that apply to men and women – and the different consequences for each sex. Happy Hole also takes a counter view of the #METOO. When you take down high profile film industry icons, you’ve got to make sure that you’re not susceptible to the same charges – and unfortunately #METOO has skeletons in it’s closet. It’s seen as taboo and anti-sisterhood to point this out – but Missy Jubilee jumps in where society prefers not to go. A woman taking on women’s manipulation of sexual stereotypes and victimhood. Controversial. But a necessary conversation.