Honorable Mention – Morella, My Wife (Italy)

Title: Morella, My Wife
Runtime: 29 min
Country: Italy
Director: Alessandro C. Masella
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: March, 2021

Synopsis: It is a night of the end of December in 1899, when Leonard Agalpe (Alessandro C. Masella), a brilliant young doctor, meets Morella Von Hexe (Chiara Della Rossa) for the first time, a noble lady with German origins. It is love at first sight and, in fact, they get married very soon, tranferring in a new house where she gets pregnant soon too. Even if the dream of a happy family, their lives start enveloping of mystery and darkness when, two trunks full of books arrive in their home, Leonard discovers that Morella has dedicated her whole life to the study of mystic and esoteric books. Over the weeks and months the mystery becomes deeper and the darkness takes over, feeding a destroying hate in Leonard’s heart for his wife and her real nature. When Morella dies, due to a rare and unknown sickness, but before giving birth to their first born, and swearing revenge for that love which isn’t in return by her husband, provokes a bunch of catastrophic events which shock Leonard’s life and their daughter with serious consequences.