Honorable Mention – My Father’s Fabulous Funeral (USA)

Title: My Father’s Fabulous Funeral
Runtime: 15 min
Country: USA
Director: Mark Stolzenberg
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: March, 2021

Synopsis: A quirky comedy about a dysfunctional family who struggle to give their oddball father a fitting funeral despite the difficulties presented by their obnoxious stepmother. Their father has had a long and fulfilled life. Being a depression era baby it was also characterized by him as one where never a penny was wasted – pretty much literally, since finding a quarter in the streets has been filling him with happiness time and again. His stinginess has led him to buy a two-for-one grave with his second wife, an egocentric woman with little tact. Having to think of her every time they visit their father’s grave is a bit too burdensome for them. Yet, how will they dissuade her from eventually sharing an eternal grave with their father?