Honorable Mention – Reginiano – Turning Dark (Israel)

Title: Reginiano – Turning Dark
Runtime: 5 min
Country: Israel
Director: Oriel Berkovich
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: March, 2022

Synopsis: In the first year after my daughter was born – I found myself drowning.

As a sailor with aspirations to conquer worlds, I got lost in an endless vortex.

I had to disconnect, to look for the light, to be alone…

But my wife – Nuli also needed me there with her, she couldn’t paddle the big sea alone.

Since then I’m mostly present, though I do find myself disappear once in a while…

I wrote the verses from my point of view and the choruses from Nuli’s.

Once in a long time you create a song that is so precious to you, it takes years until you have the confidence to release it. 

Now is the moment.