Honorable Mention – The_App (Spain)

Title: The_App
Runtime: 23 min
Country: Spain
Director: Alfonso Gonzalez
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: September, 2021

Synopsis: The App

Nowadays, everyone installs applications for anything, photo retouching, cooking, choosing good wine, even doing sleep studies for you. But it is not always good to install them, you never know what it can show you.

Juan and Ana are a young couple, they live in Madrid. He is a cartoonist, and she has just finished the MIR. One morning, Ana receives a job offer from a hospital, the only problem is that they have to travel to a town in Pontevedra.

Juan goes through a low moment, cannot continue with his story and does not see that it is the solution, but Ana, who is the one who has the upper hand, does not hesitate to accept the offer and sees in this displacement a good opportunity for Juan to inspire with new ideas.

Juan resigns himself and they set out on the journey knowing that at least they will have a roof over their heads and be able to continue working. An old family manor is the place where they will begin their new journey.

As soon as you arrive, inexplicable things will begin to happen, to the point of not really knowing what is reality and what is not.