Past Winners – September, 2016

Best Short Film: “Lost Face” (USA)

Award of Excellence:

“A Letter To Bob” (USA)
“Amerigo” (USA)
“A Monster Called Charles” (UK)
“Before Me” (Canada)
“Brilliance” (Netherlands | Poland | UK)
“Cope Love Donuts” (USA)
“Madeline” (Norway)
“Motherland” (UK)
“Nut Cracker” (USA)
“One Last Dance” (UK)
“Pandora’s Box” (Canada)
“Slope of the Curve” (USA)
“The Border” (UK | Estonia | Italy)
“The Con Game” (UK)
“The Mechanism of Suspended Time” (UK)
“The Party” (Ireland | UK)
“Then There Were Three (A Perverted Love Story)” (UK)

Award of Merit:

“Alternatum” (France)
“At the Holiday Factory” (USA)
“City Bus” (USA)
“Fate Accompli” (USA)
“Head Above Water” (USA)
“Ilyushin” (USA)
“Optics for Love” (USA)
“Patch” (Netherlands | UK)
“Reborn” (Germany)
“Red Snare” (Canada)
“Suicide” (USA)
“The Deal” (USA)
“The Invention of Matthias Walden” (USA)
“Unspoiled by Feminism” (Australia)
“Where the Devil Says Goodnight” (UK)
“Yes, and I Do!” (USA)

Honorable Mention:

“Along the River” (Italy)
“Heather’s Painting” (UK | USA)
“I Meant To Tell You” (USA)
“Limbo, A Small Measure of Peace” (Portugal)
“New Endings” (USA)
“The Paper Plane Man” (Philippines)
“Safe House” (USA)
“Slaves” (USA)
“Squares” (UK)
“Standing Eight” (USA)
“The Closet” (USA)
“The Information” (UK)
“Toxic Temptation” (USA)
“Violet” (USA)

Special Mention:

“A Girl’s Best Friend” (Australia)
“Apocalypse: The Hooker” (USA)
“Evil’s Evil Cousin” (UK)
“Get the Joke?” (Sweden)
“Hope 4 Dating in LA” (USA)
“Leftovers” (USA)
“Loon” (USA | Hong Kong)
“Lost Girls” (USA)
“Mirror” (Portugal)
“Missed Call” (USA)
“Rebirth” (USA)
“Short Story of A Relationship” (Spain)
“Thin Lines” (USA)
“The Weekend” (USA)